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Step 1: Subject provides documents for certification

The Subject provides the Certifier with a set of documents as requested

Step 2: Certifier certifies documents and creates IDchainZ Identity

The Certifier checks and certifies these documents, evidencing this by signature

It then creates a master ring for the Subject and uploads the file of certified documents to an identity sub-ring

Finally, the Certifier sends the Subject the key to his/her newly created master ring and then deletes its copy of that key and the underlying documents

Step 3: Inquisitor granted access to a ring of certified documents

The Subject creates a sub-ring of their identity ring for the Inquisitor, linking the appropriate documents to this ring and setting time and use limits

The Subject then provides the Inquisitor with the key required to access the Inquisitor’s sub-ring

Step 4: Inquisitor views documents

The Inquisitor uses the key provided by the subject to access the certified documents

The subject tracks the Inquisitor’s access

The Inquisitor can then use the fact of certification in its own KYC/AML processes

Properly managed, the overall process has the capacity to reduce the cost and delay of KYC/AML materially for all parties




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